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What services does Omni-Tek, Inc. offer site users?

Omni-Tek, Inc. offers in-house services that provide a one stop contact. We provide a site user:

  • Competitive rates.

  • Engineering services.

  • Standard 3 or 5 year agreement terms.

  • Full accounting, reporting and administrative staff and services.

  • 24 hour no hassle access to your equipment.

 Contact Omni-Tek, Inc. to get more details,(317) 705-1850.
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Can I use my own contractor?
Although Omni-Tek, Inc. has a site contractor, you may use your preferred maintenance contractor after receiving our approval. The contractor must have the site appropriate insurance coverage and be on the site access list.
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What if I need help with the work scope of my system?
Omni-Tek, Inc. has qualified engineers available. We have a licensed professional engineer on staff to aid with drawings, system configuration, mount design, and other engineering services that you may need. If you have your own engineers, we consult with them to coordinate the development, design, and system installation.
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What are agreement terms and pricing?
Omni-Tek, Inc. offers a standard 3 or 5 year agreement, guaranteeing your rate for the initial term. Our rates are competitive and related to system configuration and space allocation.
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What happens if there is interference to my system?
Omni-Tek, Inc. completes a careful frequency analysis on every system. On the rare occasion when an interference problem occurs quick resolution is made by the offending system to insure continued, quality operation of your system. 
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How do I obtain access to my equipment?
Your agreement with Omni-Tek, Inc. guarantees you with 24 hour access. We maintain complete lists of authorized personnel with a duplicate listing at building security. Need to make a change - no delays- we just email it! 
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