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What does the development of an antenna site do to the aesthetics of the building?
Omni-Tek, Inc. works with the building owners and managers to accommodate their requirements on how the antenna facilities impact the aesthetics of their skyline. Through utilization of architectural design methods, Omni-Tek, Inc. can minimize the effect that an antenna site has on the rooftop of a building.  Contact us to get more details,
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What is the revenue potential for Building Owners?
There are many factors determining the income potential of an antenna site facility. The location, height, and architectural structure will play a great role in the suitability for telecommunication systems.  Please contact Omni-Tek, Inc. to request an assessment of your potential income. 
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How involved is the building administration?
Having Omni-Tek, Inc. as your antenna site manager eliminates any additional workload.  Our administrative staff handles the billing and collections, providing the building owner with complete reporting and payment once a month. They also handle the insurance issues, contracts, site access, and marketing. Our engineering staff handles intermodulation studies, designs unique building interface structures, manages installations and insures compliance with FCC and local government rules and regulations.  Please contact us to request more information.

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How does Omni-Tek, Inc. market the antenna site?
Print marketing is done by Omni-Tek, Inc. using an established telecommunication user listing.  Our web site features antenna facilities for users seeking strategic locations for their telecommunications needs.  Contact Omni-Tek, Inc. to get more details,
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What questions should I ask of an antenna site management company?

  • Does the site equipment meet FCC electromagnetic energy exposure (EME) standards?

  • Who is responsible for interference issues?

  • Are the structural standards set by the local municipal and state jurisdictions followed for construction?

  • Who pays for future build-out of the antenna facilities?

  • Are the building's risers involved in cable runs?

  • Will we receive full reimbursement for all electrical consumption?

  • How are site fees determined?

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